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July 2014

It's been a crazy year so far.  I'm playing with the AA Arkansas Travelers in Little Rock this season. On 4/29 I was dropped from the Angels 40 man roster.   On July 5th I got a quick 24 hour call-up to The Show, added back to the 40 man, pitched 2 scoreless innings, picked up the win, and then headed back to Arkansas.  It's always a waiting game hoping for that next opportunity to  come along and show them what I've got! Until then....working hard as always.

2014 MLB Season Debut


Archived News

Michael managed to get his break into the Big Leagues as a pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels on April 13, 2013.  He pitched 2 scoreless innings, had 4 strikeouts, and picked up his first major league win. This is his off-season endeavor to put his USC Business diploma to practical use.

Armed with a degree and a long list of
impressive accomplishments, Michael is ready to bring his unique take on some of life's challenges to your organization, university, group, or team.  Michael’s articulate communication skills, entertaining personality, and amusing anecdotes will inform, motivate, and inspire audiences to dig deep and reach their individual and collective potentials!

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